skeleton rp

kit, 27. PDX.

(consists of trash, c-list villainess apologetics and many metric tons of carol danvers meta)

no unsolicited dc recs, please.

avengers gambling night cosplay (from 2013’s avengers #11)

| AIM henchwoman: nakki | jessica drew: suzanne | natasha romanova: kim | carol danvers: kit |

seriously, everyone, if you haven’t read this issue, you should probably drop what you’re doing and go handle that. natasha and jessica bickering gloriously. AIM agents in tuxes and beekeeper helmets (we took some creative liberty). carol being about as subtle as a brick in the art of poker match infiltration. shirtless shang-chi (not pictured, but still, come on).

(shot after nycc 2013, in some rooftop lounge. this was my first group cosplay and, uh, it was kind of perfect. you guys are a delight and i love you.)

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